Energy is one of your biggest production costs.  Lighting, heating, cooling, storing. It adds up fast.

With an Atlas Energy Storage System you buy energy at the lowest rate from your power company.

Buy energy when its cheap, store it in your Atlas ESS and use it whenever you want. Simple, elegant, profitable.

Add solar, wind or other renewable energy to your Atlas ESS for true energy independence and security. Payback is a few years. Our expert engineering staff can design and install it all for you.

Your Atlas Energy Storage System can grow with you. Our Atlas 30 kWh@48vdc battery is the building block in large systems. Add Atlas 30 kWh batteries in series and parallel arrangements; as many as you need; to get the job done. Any capacity. Any voltage. We will design, build and install it for you.


You have full control over your power. Full monitoring and reporting, with visibility down to the cell level. 

Surprising light and portable, even mobile power systems are possible using our 30 kWh modules.

Maybe you are using generators and lead acid batteries now. Well it's time to stop wasting money.

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