High Performance

Atlas ESS Energy Storage Systems power large loads over a long service life for off-grid and grid tied applications.

Atlas ESS provides the best performance and highest quality at the lowest cost.


Atlas ESS products are made with the highest quality components. All components have been safety tested and listed by a Nationally Recognized Test Lab (NRTL).


We use safe, high quality, large capacity, lithium iron phosphate cells that have passed tough UN38.3 safety tests.


Our cabinets are fire rated by a Nationally Recognized Test Lab (NRTL). The cabinet protects the lithium cells from a fire outside the cabinet. The cabinet door has 3 large steel dead bolts, a key operated lock and an additional padlock hasp. The cabinet is constructed with multiple layers of 14 gauge steel and a tough powder coat finish.


Tough industrial controls run our energy storage system providing exceptional reliability. Auxiliary relay outputs are available to control other equipment in your power system. An optional data logger monitors and records system data and is viewed over the internet. Our Battery Management System (BMS) is tested to UL 508, recognized and listed by a Nationally Recognized Test Lab (NRTL).

Maintenance Free

Atlas ESS products are maintenance free.

Fail Safe

Should something in our product break, it will stop working in a safe manner.

Serviced On Site

Atlas ESS products are designed to be serviced & repaired on site in a quick and safe manner.

Competitors products have to be sent away for repair. Atlas ESS keeps spare parts in stock.


Atlas ESS systems have a 10 year, 10,000 cycle warranty.